IRS Settlements
It's time to wipe out your tax debt for good!

Wouldn't it be nice to:
  • Live without fear of the IRS
  • Settle your tax debt for less than what's owed
  • Look forward to a financial future without tax debt
If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, this FREE guide is for you. 

This is a step-by-step guide to understanding Offers-In-Compromise, the IRS tax debt relief program.

In this FREE guide I'll teach you:
  • Exactly what an Offer-In-Compromise is
  • Who qualifies for an Offer-In Compromise
  • How to apply for an Offer-In-Compromise
  • What to do before and after you've applied so the IRS will accept it
After you get the guide I will provide updates with more tips and insights to wipe out your IRS debt.

I have fourteen years of experience as an attorney with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel where I represented the IRS in over 40 litigated cases in the United States Tax Court. I wrote this FREE guide for you to take control of your financial future and eradicate your tax burden.  I'm committed to helping individuals and small business fix their tax troubles so they can move on with their life. 

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